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The product ‘speaks for itself’. However, we’re delighted that pharmacy customers up and down the UK have voted Symprove Best New Product beating all other ‘naturals’ categories. Sponsored by Target Publishing, the Natural Pharmacy Lifestyle magazine is packed full of interesting articles and recipes to encourage people to live a healthier life. Thanks to everyone who voted for Symprove. We’ve only been available on the high street for the last year and this is our first award.

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Our bottles of ‘beneficial’ bacteria are now in ‘Tesco Extras’ around the country. Nutri Centre, the healthcare specialists, have joined up with Tesco to promote health and wellbeing across the nation – and as they say, every little helps! For all you Tesco shoppers with an unbalanced gut, why not consider putting Symprove on your shopping list? Our bottles of ‘friendly’ bacteria, help to restore balance in the gut. 1 in 5 Tesco shoppers experience an unbalanced gut from time to time. Check out the new healthcare aisle in your local Tesco store, talk to the in-store pharmacy team if you’d …

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If you’ve taken a Course of Symprove or are on a maintenance dose and you know what our unique strains of ‘beneficial’ bugs do for you, please complete the following survey. You’ll be helping to point people in the right direction. Please click here: Symprove survey    

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Research and education are a pivotal part of Symprove’s activities and with this in mind, we’ll be taking part in the CAM Digestive Conference this Saturday 22 June. Mike Butler, CEO commented: “Education and clinical research are vital in building industry, medical, practitioner and customer/patient confidence when recommending or choosing food supplements. This vision is central to the Symprove Research & Development Programme. Practitioners carry a lot of responsibility as advisors within the healthcare sector. The CAM Digestive Conference brings practitioners right up-to-date with new knowledge and insights.”

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As a bioscience company, we understand so much more about our beneficial bacteria due to Mr Petri and his life-saving invention. Thanks to Mr Petri fostering bugs in a dish, we can help to foster ‘good bacteria’ in your gut. Thousands of you already know what Symprove does for you. Happy 161st birthday Mr Julius Richard Petri!

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What are you doing to look after your micro flora? Our extraordinary gut microbes help to support the metabolic activities which are essential to keep us alive and healthy. Look after your microbial garden and if you’re showing signs of an unbalanced gut – take action! Restore and maintain balance. To learn more about your internal ecosystem, check out the articles on our Facebook page from Scientific American. They’re a fascinating read.

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Visit us on Stand 68.

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We’re proud to be the Gold Sponsor for the CAM Digestive Conference. If you’re unable to attend, email and she’ll send you handouts from the presentation delivered by Prof. Ingvar Bjarnason after the event. For those of you who are attending, we look forward to meeting you on the 22 June.

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Team Symprove are looking forward to meeting you all at the Allergy & Free From Show in June. Come and find out about the latest news about  our bottles of beneficial bugs. Symprove are also headlining the Gastro masterclass for practitoners. Book your place here and hear the latest gut health research from Prof. Ingvar Bjarnason, King’s College Hospital, London.

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“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” – William Londen And Symprove would add … and make sure you include fun too! Work from the inside out. Eat healthy food and keep a balanced diet as much as you can and it’s OK to cheat sometimes too!   If it’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet every day, you can help yourself by taking supplements and a good power probiotic as part of your daily diet. So what makes your gut healthy? One way to help your gut along the way …